New Version of Collatinus Now Available

Collatinus 11, lemmatiseur et analyseur morphologique de textes latins

Version 11 of Collatinus, a lemmatiser and morphological analyser for Latin texts, is now available to download and install. Collatinus is an open source and multi-platform app, compatible with Mac OS, Windows (and GNU Linux, but only for the previous version, 10.2). Its source code is available on Github under a GPL licence.

This new version of Collatinus, number 11 (beta), includes many new features:

  • "complete" lexicon (82,000 entries)
  • frequency-based ordering of the lemmatisations for a given word form
  • includes the 2016 Gaffiot Latin-French dictionary
  • ability to display two dictionary pages simultaneously (whether synchronised or not)
  • simplified procedure for dictionary installation
  • ability to mark accentuation and syllables in texts
  • ability to colour a text based on a list of known words
  • new probabilistic tagger that takes context into account so as to show the "most probable" lemmatisation
  • internal server that provides command-line access to Collatinus, for example to use the app without leaving a text editor

Three versions of Collatinus 11 are available. The difference between them is the number of pre-installed dictionaries:        

  • full (9 dictionaries)
  • intermediary (5 dictionaries)
  • light (2 dictionaries)

Available dictionaries (downloadable here):

  • Lewis & Short, 1879 (Latin-English)
  • Gaffiot, 2016 (Latin-French)
  • Gaffiot, 1934 (Latin-French)
  • Du Cange, 1883-1887 (Medieval Latin glossary)
  • Quicherat, 1836 (Latin-French)
  • Jeanneau, 2017 (Latin-French)
  • Georges, 1913 (Latin-German)
  • Calonghi, 1898 (Latin-Italian)
  • Valbuena, 1819 (Latin-Spanish)