Selected Proposals for Biblissima's Fourth Call for Projects

After examining the proposals submitted in response to Biblissima's fourth call for projects, the Scientific Advisory Board and the Executive Committee have selected the following six projects. The projects led by the Bibliothèque d'agglomération de Saint-Omer, Saint-Bertin, Cultural Centre form the 7th to 18th Centuries, and by the Médiathèque de Chartres, Virtual Reconstruction of the Medieval Libraries of Chartres, have each been granted a third year of funding, while the project Mazarin's Library, Online, led by the Bibliothèque Mazarine, will be funded for a fourth consecutive year. The other three selected projects were presented this year for the first time and will begin in 2016-2017.

Online Library of the Dominicans of Toulouse

BM de Toulouse — IRHT

Virtual Reconstruction of the Medieval Libraries of Chartres

Médiathèque l'Apostrophe, Chartres — IRHT — DRAC — Lazarus Project, University of Mississippi / Early Manuscripts Electronic Library — Dynamiques Patrimoniales et Culturelles, Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

Saint-Bertin, Cultural Centre from the 7th to 18th Centuries: Constitution, Preservation, Diffusion, Use of Knowledge

Bibliothèque d'agglomération de Saint-Omer — IRHT — BM de Boulogne-sur-Mer, Bibliothèque des Annonciades

Cardinal Richelieu's Library

Bibliothèque Mazarine — IRHT — BnF, département des Manuscrits — Centre Jean Mabillon, ENC

Humanist Libraries in the Loire Valley (BHLi)

BM du Mans — BM d'Angers — Bibliothèque du Prytanée militaire, La Flèche — Bibliothèque diocésaine du Mans — Société d'Agriculture, Sciences et Arts de la Sarthe — CESR-BVH — ENC — Département d'Histoire, Université du Maine

Mazarin's Library, Online

Bibliothèque Mazarine — Centre Jean Mabillon, ENC — Pôle Document numérique, MRSH de Caen — BnF, département des Manuscrits — IRHT