Biblissima+ Partner Projects

Biblissima+ allows organisations that are not part of its founding members to benefit from its means of action for joint efforts in research, documentation, digitisation and valorization operations focusing on historical collections of manuscripts, early printed documents or other text-bearing objects.

These operations must bring together at least one cultural heritage institution and one educational and/or research institution. The results of these projects should be open, interoperable and integrated into the resources of the Biblissima+ portal.

These joint operations, called "Biblissima+ Partner Projects", are conducted once a selection has been made from all eligible proposals submitted to Biblissima+ in response to an annual call for projects. Proposals are open to international applicants under the terms specified in the application guidelines (see below).

The budget allocated to each operation by Biblissima+ is between €10,000 and €70,000 for a given annual call. Biblissima+ reserves the right to select projects with a cost budget exceeding €70,000 and to carry them out over two or more years (maximum five). It is envisaged that five to ten projects will be selected per year.

Objectives of the Biblissima+ Calls

The Biblissima+ call for projects have the following general objectives:

  • A better knowledge of the history of ancient written cultures and their transmission.
  • The enrichment of online corpora of ancient manuscript or printed witnesses in all mediums and all ancient languages.
  • The virtual reconstruction of ancient collections, especially thanks to the IIIF standards.
  • The creation of scientific descriptions of artefacts in the scope of the research areas of Biblissima+.
  • The identification of ancient provenances and the constitution of provenance databases within the Biblissima+ data cluster.
  • The enrichment of textual corpora related to the topics developed by Biblissima+, following standards like TEI, MEI, EpiDoc etc.

Nature of the operations likely to be funded

The operations that can be funded are:

  • Digitisation and online access in an interoperable way (IIIF) to sets of ancient text-bearing objects: manuscripts, ancient prints, inscriptions, seals and coins, etc., which may be scattered in different holding institutions.
  • Inventory, cataloguing and detailed indexing in open and interoperable formats of heritage documents relating to ancient collections.
  • Computerisation or conversion into interoperable formats of catalogues or inventories relating to ancient libraries.
  • Collection, processing and scientific structuring of data relating to ancient provenance of documents in libraries.
  • Encoding, structuring and electronic edition of texts (TEI, MEI, EpiDoc...).
  • Enrichment of the Biblissima+ authority files (
  • Development of new open source tools in connection with the 7 Biblissima+ clusters.

Projects that receive 50,000€ or more are encouraged to organise training and dissemination actions (schools, seminars, conferences, exhibitions etc.). However, related expenses are not eligible.

Call Guidelines

The conditions of eligibility, submission and selection of applications, and realisation of projects are detailed in the guidelines:

Download the call guidelines 2021-2022 (pdf)