International Collaborations

The Biblissima+ Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board brings together European and North American experts and contributes to the international dissemination of Biblissima+ results.

The IIIF consortium and community

Since 2013, Biblissima has been actively involved in the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF), led by an international consortium of scientific and cultural institutions.

Biblissima plays a leading role in the adoption and promotion of these standards in France, in particular through the IIIF360 expertise service. The Biblissima team is involved in the work of the community and is recognised as a IIIF ambassador for France.

For more information on Biblissima's involvement in the IIIF initiative, see this page.

The European DARIAH network

Biblissima has contributed to "Work Package 4" of Humanities at Scale (HaS), a project led by the DARIAH network (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities):

Written Heritage Observatory / Old Netherlands

Biblissima is a partner of the Observatory for Written Culture of the Old Netherlands (Benelux, regions bordering northern France and north-western Germany), which is led by the KBR and includes various Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg partners.

Blog on Hypothèses


eScriptorium is a platform for automated transcription of handwritten sources based on deep learning methods. It was initially developed as part of the Scripta-PSL programme and is now integrated into the RESILIENCE European research infrastructure, of which EPHE-PSL is a partner.

eScriptorium is supported by Biblissima+ in the framework of Cluster 3 - Artificial Intelligence, pattern recognition and handwriting recognition.

MeMo - Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale

Biblissima+ is a partner of the MeMo (Memory of Montecassino) project, led by the LIBeR laboratory at the University of Cassino, which intends to digitise the medieval written heritage preserved in the famous abbey of Monte Cassino.

MeMo project website