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Biblissima+ shares and archives on Zenodo the datasets, publications and source codes produced by the Portal team and the various partners of the Équipex.

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Zenodo is the recommended primary repository for the dissemination and archiving of datasets produced as part of the research activities of the Équipex. It is recommended to create a repository for each major release of the research product. The datasets should be deposited in one of the Zenodo communities created for each cluster for this purpose. The main Biblissima+ community on Zenodo is curated by the Portal team. If the partner teams already have their own Zenodo community, they can associate these repositories with it.

The Biblissima+ Data Management Plan (DMP) details the minimum metadata to be used for the deposit of a dataset in Zenodo (cf. Data Management Plan v1.08 , Annexes p. XIX-XXI).

For more information on the research data repository, see this page on DoRANum which offers many tutorials including one dedicated to Zenodo.

Biblissima+ community in Zenodo