Founding Partners

The Biblissima+ EquipEx is built on a base composed of the partners of the Biblissima EquipEx (2012-2021): supported by the Campus Condorcet, Biblissima has brought together major French players in research and conservation on the written heritage of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: BnF, CESR (Tours), CIHAM (Lyon-Avignon), CJM (ENC-PSL), SAPRAT (EPHE-PSL), IRHT (CNRS, Paris-Orléans), CRAHAM and MRSH of Caen, and, since 2017, the Archives nationales.

The operational management of the Biblissima+ EquipEx (2021-2029) is carried out by the coordinating institution (EPCC Campus Condorcet) and the following founding teams: