HiSoMA – Histoire et Sources des Mondes Antiques

UMR 5189. CNRS – ENS de Lyon – Université Lyon 3 – Université Lyon 2 – Université Jean-Monnet Saint-Étienne
Madalina-Claudia Dana
Contact person for Biblissima
Stéphane Gioanni
Laurence Mellerin
Emmanuelle Morlock

HiSoMA represents a precious contribution to and a real opening for Biblissima+, through its ‘Christian Sources’ component which is the driving force behind the Biblindex project, its scholarly programmes grouped under the heading ‘Edition of sources and textual corpora’, its epigraphic publishing programme and its archaeological missions (Cyprus, Egypt, Eastern Desert).

One of the assets of its teams is the ability to collaborate both with its own scientific engineering group and also with the PSIR (Pôle Système d’Information et Réseaux) of the Federation Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée of which HiSoMA is a constituent unit.

It has taken advantage of the methods and resources disseminated by various scholarly communities, both in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and in France and internationally (Humanistica, the francophone association of digital humanities; Consortium Cahier - Corpus d’auteurs pour les humanités: digitisation, publishing, and research; the MASA consortium, the Métopes project, TEI for the tagging and encoding of texts in XML, EpiDoc tools, etc.).