Biblissima+ is a multi-site digital infrastructure for research and service dedicated to the history of the transmission of ancient texts, from Antiquity to the Renaissance, in the West and in the East.

From Biblissima to Biblissima+

The Biblissima+ infrastructure (2021-2029) is structured around 7 areas of expertise or "clusters" bringing together researchers, curators and engineers. They form centres of expertise on a national scale around the study of ancient texts and their transmission through History...

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Biblissima+ brings together 17 institutions, including several research teams working on texts from Antiquity to digital publishing, a micro-enterprise and the Ministry of Culture.


The governance of Biblissima+ is ensured by an Executive Committee and supported by an international Advisory Board. The digital infrastructure is coordinated by the Biblissima+ Portal team.

Biblissima+ Calls for Projects

Biblissima+ allows organisations that are not part of its founding members to benefit from its means of action for joint efforts in research, documentation, digitisation and valorization operations focusing on historical collections of manuscripts, early printed documents or other text-bearing objects.

Selected projects from Biblissima+ call 2021-2022