CRH - Centre de Recherches Historiques

Béatrice Delaurenti
Contact person for Biblissima
Étienne Anheim

The École des hautes études en sciences sociales produces and transmits knowledge about human societies by organising a permanent interdisciplinary dialogue between history, sociology, anthropology, economics, philosophy, geography, literary studies, psychology and cognitive sciences. The CRH is one of its 40 units. Its researchers, who work in a wide variety of cultural areas and periods (from the Middle Ages to the present day), share a concern for the long term, reflection on social history, the practice of interdisciplinarity, the interplay of scales between the local and the global, the renewal of historical sources, and the international openness of research objects, programmes and practices.

Experts in Antiquity and the Middle Ages have developed several databases (Images, Thema, Quodlibase) and working environments (ALGreM, Savoirs) that bring together TEI, GIS, and bibliographic resources, feeding the new data-store called Didomena and the recently published EHESS DATU authority file.

EHESS Publishing houses a multi-support editorial unit which will be based at Campus Condorcet from 2021, working in close collaboration with the MRSH and the Presses universitaires de Caen, around the Métopes editorial pipeline.