SIAF – FranceArchives

Service interministériel des Archives de France (SIAF)
Ministère de la Culture, Direction générale des patrimoines
Françoise Banat-Berger
Contact person for Biblissima
Mathieu Stoll

Managed by the Service interministériel des Archives de France (direction générale des patrimoines, ministère de la Culture), FranceArchives is a single entry point offering federated access to millions of archival documents from 75 partner archive services and, eventually, all French archive services. The datasets it disseminates are accessible as open data ( It is the national aggregator for the European Archives Portal.

The Archives nationales (AN) in Paris and Pierrefitte are responsible for the collection, processing, conservation and development of the State’s central archives. The two questions of digital technology and transmission of knowledge are central to the AN. The first has led to an overhaul of the computer system and the creation of an authority file for archival repositories; the second aims to encourage and facilitate the transmission of the knowledge and know-how developed at the AN, in particular skills in the auxiliary disciplines of history (palaeography, diplomacy, codicology, sigillography, onomastics), but also the technical expertise mobilized for the restoration and digitisation of documents and archiving.