CJM - Centre Jean Mabillon

EA 3624. École nationale des Chartes
Contact person for Biblissima
Frédéric Duval

The CJM embodies the collective, interdisciplinary and international dimension of research activities in the field of historical and philological sciences as taught at the ENC-PSL. The CJM is at the crossroads of debates on new ways of publishing documents: questioning the forms and uses of text and images in the digital age is of interest to specialists in the humanities (history, philology, literature, art, etc.) as well as those in information and communication technologies, but also to public authorities faced with mass challenges such as the dissemination of heritage collections and the exploitation of public data.

The CJM, together with the ENC’s group for digital humanities, is working on the OCR of ancient texts, their edition in TEI, corpus mining, textometry and stylometry, lemmatisation, and the development of authority files (in particular with the Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques - CTHS - attached to the ENC-PSL). The CTHS is at the head of a network of more than 3,000 learned societies and federates scientists from prestigious institutions, local scholars and young researchers.