Biblissima Toolkit: Two New Tools for Learning Ancient Languages

Two new tools for learning ancient languages have just been released as part of the forthcoming Biblissima Toolkit: Collatinus-web (Latin) and Eulexis (Ancient Greek).

Collatinus-web is the online version of Collatinus, an application for the lemmatisation and morphological analysis of Latin texts that is also available through Biblissima (download it here for Mac, Windows and GNU/Linux). The features in the online version are nearly as extensive as those included in the desktop version: use it to search for a lemma in 6 Latin dictionaries (Gaffiot, Calonghi, Lewis & Short, du Cange, Georges, Valbuena) and for lemma inflection, as well as the scansion, lemmatisation (in 7 target languages) and morphological analysis of a Latin text.

Eulexis is the Ancient Greek twin of Collatinus-web, but with slightly less extensive features. It can be used to search for a word in several Greek dictionaries (Liddel-Scott-Jones, Pape, Bailly), for lemma inflection or the lemmatisation of an Ancient Greek text.

Both applications are currently in their beta release: this means that they still have a few bugs and we will continue fine-tuning them, both in terms of features and user interface design. If you notice any bugs or you have a feature request, please don't hesitate to send your remarks to collatinus [at] All suggestions are welcome!

Collatinus-web and Eulexis are developed by Yves Ouvrard and Philippe Verkerk, with contributions from the Biblissima Team.