Publication of Biblissima's Data via the Semantic Web: Proposal by Logilab Selected

Linking Open Data Cloud Diagram 2014 by Max Schmachtenberg, Christian Bizer, Anja Jentzsch and Richard Cyganiak

On Thursday, 17th March 2016, the Equipex Biblissima selected the proposal presented by Logilab to develop an application to integrate data from all the resources in the Biblissima data cluster and publish them via the semantic web. The application will be developed using the open source software CubicWeb, which is currently used at the Bibliothèque nationale de France for

This contract will build on the experience acquired in creating the "Initiale-Mandragore" prototype, which was also developed by Logilab and has been available online since August 2015.

This web application will form the core of the Biblissima portal, providing unified access to search and consult the project's many and diverse resources. Development will be iterative, with new versions being deployed regularly throughout 2016. Each new version will be enriched with new features for the user and new data as the project's resources are progressively integrated.