Summer Course in Avranches: "Edition and Cataloguing Today: the Case of the Library of Mont Saint-Michel" (August 2016)

L'archange saint Michel ordonnant pour la troisième fois à l'évêque Aubert la fondation du Mont Saint-Michel (cartulaire de l'abbaye du Mont Saint-Michel : Avranches, BM, ms. 210, f. 4v, Mont Saint-Michel, v. 1150-1154)

This summer course, organised by the town of Avranches and its bibliothèque patrimoniale in partnership with the Centre Michel de Boüard – CRAHAM, the MRSH – Université de Caen and Biblissima, will be held in Avranches from Monday 29th August to Friday 2nd September 2016.

The main objective of this course, which has been organised as part of the partner project on the Virtual Library of Mont Saint-Michel, is to provide an introduction to digital tools for editing and cataloguing early primary source documents, taking the example of the manuscripts and early printed books that were once a part of the library of Mont Saint-Michel and that are now held in Avranches. The course will alternate between lectures, practical workshops and case studies.

The course will be given in French. At the end of the week, participants will receive a certificate that may count towards their Master or doctoral degree (2016-2017 academic year, equivalent of 25 hours).

Target Audience

  • Master and Ph.D. students of any nationality
  • library and archive professionals working with historical documents


  • basic knowledge of Latin
  • some familiarity with palaeography and codicology
  • participants must bring their own laptop computer
  • participants will produce a poster presenting their research and its context

Application Procedure

Selection based on application: 10 to 16 participants
Application deadline: 26th June 2016
Applications (download the form below) must be sent by email to Stéphane Lecouteux (

Organisation and Speakers

All lectures and practical workshops will be held at the Bibliothèque patrimoniale d’Avranches:

Town Hall, 2nd floor
Place Littré
50300 Avranches
Tel: +33 (0)2 50 26 30 06

Lecture tours of the Avranches Scriptorial and Mont Saint-Michel are also on the programme.

Partner Institutions


Marie Bisson, Pierre Bouet, Pierre-Yves Buard, Louis Chevalier, Céline Chuiton, Grégory Combalbert, Jérémy Delmulle, Olivier Desbordes, Frédéric Duplessis, Brigitte Gauvin, Anne Goloubko, Catherine Jacquemard, Emmanuelle Khury, Stéphane Lecouteux, Marie-Agnès Lucas-Avenel, Florent Palluault, Subha-Sree Pasupathy, Monique Peyrafort, Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk.

Accommodation and Meals

The cost of accommodation, meals and the course will be fully covered by the town of Avranches, with the support of the Maison de la Recherche en Sciences Humaines (USR 3486) and the Centre Michel de Boüard – CRAHAM (UMR 6273). Travel costs are at the participants' expense.