Paris: COST Training School (2014)

Transmission of Texts: New Tools, New Approaches

The Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes (IRHT, Paris) proposed a Training School from 31st March to 4th April 2014, funded by COST ACTION IS 1005 Medieval Europe. Medieval Cultures and Technological Resources, and run in collaboration with Biblissima (Campus Condorcet).


Monday 31 March: Study the Textual Transmission of Ancient Texts in Today's World: IRHT, Medioevo europeo et Biblissima

IRHT, Jeanne Vielliard conference room

9:00‐9:15 — Welcome by Agostino PARAVICINI BAGLIANI (SISMEL, Florence), President of Medioevo europeo
9:15‐10:00 — An Institute for Researching Texts and their History. Nicole BÉRIOU (IRHT), Vice Presidente de Medioevo europeo
10:00‐10:15 — Biblissima. Anne‐Marie TURCAN‐VERKERK (EPHE / IRHT - Biblissima)
10:15‐10:45 — coffee break
10:45‐12:30 — Resources at IRHT and Medioevo europeo projects: Databases and interoperability. Cyril MASSET, Véronique TRÉMAULT et Judith KOGEL (IRHT)

12:30‐14:00 — lunch at IRHT

14:00‐15:30 — How Can You Answer Complex Questions Using Interoperability? Ontologies and Thesauri. Emiliano DEGL’INNOCENTI (SISMEL / FEF), Cyril MASSET (IRHT), Stefanie GEHRKE et Régis ROBINEAU (Biblissima)
15:30‐16:00 — A Thesaurus Management Platform: GINCO. Katell BRIATTE (Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication)
16:00‐16:30 — coffee break
16:30‐18:30 —Student Presentations of their Posters

Tuesday 1 April: Reconstruct a Medieval Library from Surviving Books and Inventories

IRHT, Jeanne Vielliard conference room

9:00‐9:45 — Rediscovering the Manuscripts of Chartres. Claudia RABEL (IRHT)
9:45‐10:45 — Ancient Inventories of the Libraries of Chartres. Anne‐Marie TURCAN‐VERKERK (EPHE / IRHT - Biblissima)
10:45‐11:15 — coffee break
11:15‐12:30 — A Tool for Editing and Exploiting Ancient Inventories: Introduction to TEI. Emmanuelle KUHRY (IRHT / Biblissima)

12:30‐14:00 — lunch at IRHT

14:00‐17:00 — Producing an Online Edition of a Corpus of Ancient Inventories: TEI Encoding (Latin, and possibly Greek and French documents). Emmanuelle KUHRY, Bénédicte GIFFARD (IRHT / Biblissima), Claudia RABEL (IRHT)
17:00‐17:30 — coffee break
17:30‐18:30 — Lecture by Patricia STIRNEMANN: Reconstructing the Library of John of Salisbury

Wednesday 2 April: Constructing Interoperability

Biblissima, Campus Condorcet

9:30‐10:15 — The Biblissima Observatory. Matthieu BONICEL (BnF / Biblissima)
10:15‐11:00 — Introduction to Shared Canvas and IIIF Technologies. Benjamin ALBRITTON (Stanford University)
11:00‐11:30 — coffee break
11:30‐12:45 — Biblissima's Prototype Viewer: Demonstration and Manipulation. Stefanie GEHRKE, Régis ROBINEAU (Biblissima)

12:45‐14h:00 — lunch at Condorcet

14:00‐17:30 — Exploiting Data in RDF for Textual Transmission (workshops by Biblissima team)

Thursday 3 April: The Researcher's Workshop: Sources and their Scientific Analysis

Bibliothèque nationale de France

9:00‐12:00 — Bibliothèque nationale de France (Richelieu, Salle des Commissions): Presentation of the manuscripts studied in the workshops

12:00‐14:00 — lunch break

14:30‐17:30 — (IRHT and elsewhere) choice between:

  • Database workshops (input exercises, etc.): Books within Books, Jonas, Pinakes, SourcEncyMe...
  • Consultation with researchers, by appointment

Friday 4 April: Edit an Ancient Text in the 21st Century: Perennial Critical Methods and Tomorrow's Tools

IRHT, Jeanne Vielliard conference room

9:00‐10:00 — A Text and its History: Hugh of Saint-Victor's Commentary of Pseudo-Denis's Celestial Hierarchy. Dominique POIREL (IRHT)
10:00‐11:00 — A Collection of Texts by Saint Ambrose and the Study of its Twelfth-Century Diffusion Using Partial Critical Editions in TEI and Statistical Analysis: Presentation, Possibilities and Limits of Automated Stemmatics. Dominique STUTZMANN (IRHT)
11:00‐11:30 — coffee break
11:30‐12:30 — Medieval Encyclopediae at the Crossroads of Cultures and Libraries. Iolanda VENTURA (IRHT / Univ. d’Orléans)

12h30‐14h — lunch at IRHT

14:00‐16:00 — Workshops for the Critical Edition of a Text in TEI: Apparatus for Sources, for Variants, for Reception. Dominique STUTZMANN, Isabelle DRAELANTS (IRHT) et Emmanuelle KUHRY (IRHT / BIBLISSIMA)
16:00‐16:30 — coffee break
16:30‐17:00 — From Manuscript to Scientific Publication: the Biblissima Toolkit. Bénédicte GIFFARD (IRHT / Biblissima)