Executive Committee

Each partner has a voice on the Executive Committee, where they have named one representative and one alternate. The ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, which is very active in making cultural heritage resources available to the public, is also represented on Biblissima's Executive Committee. This group will be renewed following the same procedure according to the project's two phases: a term of four years, followed by a term of three. Biblissima's project manager sits on the Executive Committee in a consultation capacity.

The Executive Committee assures the implementation of the project programme and of the partner projects financed by Biblissima; it also takes all necessary decisions. After the Scientific Advisory Board has evaluated the proposals for partner projects, the Executive Committee selects those which will receive funding from Biblissima. Experts from outside the project, from France or abroad, may be invited to Committee meetings.

Composition of the Executive Committee

  • Chief Scientific and Technical Officer: Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk
  • BnF: Isabelle le Masne de Chermont (representative) and Charlotte Denoël (alternate)
  • Campus Condorcet: Jean-Marc Bonnisseau (representative) and Johann Holland (alternate)
  • CESR-BVH: Chiara Lastraioli (representative)
  • CIHAM: Jean-Louis Gaulin (representative) and Laurence Moulinier-Brogi (alternate)
  • CJM: Frédéric Duval (representative) and Christine Bénévent (alternate)
  • CRAHAM: Pierre Bauduin (representative) and Catherine Jacquemard (alternate)
  • IRHT-CNRS: François Bougard (Deputy Head of Biblissima, representative) and Marie-Laure Savoye (alternate)
  • MRSH Caen: Pascal Buléon (representative) and Pierre-Yves Buard (alternate)
  • SAPRAT-EPHE: Judith Schlanger (representative) and Brigitte Mondrain (alternate)
  • MCC: Catherine Granger (representative) and Pierre-Jean Riamond (alternate)
  • MESR: the MESR does not wish to be represented in the governance of "équipex" projects.

Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk and François Bougard preside on Biblissima's Executive Board.

The Executive Board carries out decisions taken by the Executive Committee and, more particularly, is directly responsible for building the Biblissima Observatory.

Composition of the Executive Board

(as nominated at the Executive Committee meeting on 13 October 2016, for the remainder of the project):

  • Matthieu Bonicel (BnF)
  • Cyril Masset (IRHT)
  • Pierre-Yves Buard (MRSH Caen)
  • Johann Holland (Campus Condorcet)
  • Régis Robineau (Biblissima Portal Team)