Biblissima Resources

This page lists all the resources developed and maintained by Biblissima's founding partners: digital libraries of manuscripts and early printed books, various types of catalogues and scientific databases, specialised corpora and textual editions, as well as resources that can be found in the Biblissima toolkit.

A large part of the resources listed below are intended to be integrated into the Biblissima portal, a unified access point to medieval and renaissance written cultural heritage (VIII-XVIII c.).

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Bibliothèque virtuelle du Mont Saint-Michel

Virtual Library of Mont Saint-Michel

The abbey's historical library has survived to this day in remarkable condition and is currently preserved at the Public Library in Avranches. It contains more than 200 medieval manuscripts and a large collection of early printed books (currently being studied) acquired by the monks between the beginning of the 16th and the end of the 18th centuries.


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